Grooming Towels

Dog Bathrobes that Smooth the coat too!


These grooming towels are made of high grade terry cloth towels that are form fitted at the neck and secured with hook and loop at the chest and under the belly.  There are two styles, fluted and straight at the croup area.  They have many uses, including assisting in making back curl/wave and croup issues lay down. They can also be used in place of a cool coat or as a dog bathrobe wrap.  Another use is as a raincoat, the towel may get wet but your dog will be dry.  Embroidery is available for an additional charge.

•X-Large Fluted - Great Dane   

•X-Large Straight - Rottweiler   

•Large Straight - Ridgeback   

•Large Fluted  - GSD   

•Medium Long- Doberman   

•Medium Straight - Springer  

•Medium Fluted - Border Collie   

•Small Fluted - Sheltie  

•Small  - Cocker Spaniel  

•Small Long -Corgi   

•X-Small - Min Schnauzer