Stuff for You



The cotton aprons are made out of 100% cotton drill and edged with your choice of fabric with paws or bones.  There is a pocket at the top and three in the middle.  They attach with hook and loop through a D-ring, which makes it very adjustable.    The waterproof apron is made from 100% waterproof ripstop and goes on with hook and loop and a D-ring.  I have tested this item myself and it keeps you very dry without restricting your movements.  It is very light and durable.  This apron does not have pockets because it will ruin the waterproof effect.  These are one size fits most.

Armband Holders


No more elastics!     Now you won't lose your number or have it all crumpled when you go to Best of Show.  This armband attaches with hook and loop closure through a plastic D-ring.  You just slide your number in from the top (you may have to do a small fold first).

These also come in a sparkle version.

Bag for Bags


This item is perfect for those who save and or reuse their grocery bags, especially for picking up after their dog.  You are able to put at least 50 bags in the holder, you just keep shoving them in.  The bag holder comes with a drawstring at the top for easy stuffing and an elastic closure at the bottom to pull the bags out from.  It comes in 100% cotton fabric with many different fabric choices.  Hangs over any rod or hook.  Put one in the Laundry room, Motorhome/RV, Linen closet or garage.

Bait Pouches


These bait pouches are made with colorful vinyl fabric with hook and loop closure.  They attach with a safety pin or a belt loop option. The hook and loop is attached in such a manner that you are able to pin the pouch to the inside of your pants or skirt without damaging them.   New colors are always in the works.

Leash Bags


Oops! I have no more bags.

Now you always know when you are out of bags.  This small bag attaches to your leash, belt loop or your dog can carry it.  Easy on and off with hook and loop.  It comes in 100% cotton fabric with many different fabric choices.