Waterproof Leg Savers

Oh, lovely! You just peed on yourself!

Clumber Spaniel

Have you ever experienced the frustration of spending two hours grooming your dog to go into the ring, and then he has to go potty but he always hits his front legs. What to do? Put on these waterproof Leg Savers and this rip-stop tube will attach at the elbow and the pastern with shock cord and a toggle. They also work to keep drool off the front legs and to keep the fringe dry if it is raining. They may take some getting used to for some dogs, but they do work!  They also come in a Poodle Cuff.  Sold in a pairs (2) as it is usually only the front legs that need covering.

Poodle Cuff/Braclet Cover


•X-Large - Afghan; Briard; Black Russian

•Large Wide - Heavily Coated Dogs 

•Large  - Setters 

•Wide Medium - Cocker Spaniel; Clumber Spaniel

•Medium - Border Collie

•Small Long - Poodle Cuff (order 2 sets for all four legs)

•Small - King Charles; Miniature Poodle Cuff

•X-Small - Chihuahua or Toy Poodle Cuff