Grooming Table Covers

Stop struggling with towels on your table!


These grooming table covers are handmade using a high quality Cotton Velour. They secure snugly to the grooming tables with shock cord (not elastic) and an adjustable toggle.

•This table top cover makes grooming easier for you and your dog!   

•Provides secure footing for your dog whether jumping up or standing   

•Will not blow off or move like a regular towel    

•Eliminates kick-up of water from the table back onto your dog  


•Dog hair and chalk blow right off      

◾X-Large - 24” x 48”

◾ Large Plus 24" x 42" Special Order 

◾ Large - 24” x 36”   

◾ Medium - 18” x 30”   

◾ Small - 18” x 24”

This fabric does not like scissors, dremels and metal banded tables.  If you have a metal banded table then the suggestion is to put some duct or painting tape on the corners.