Quick Wrap™

Wet Belly, Yuck!!


It works just like its name, over the head and under the belly and attaches at the top of the back. Now the belly fringe won’t get urinated on and dogs that are low to the ground will stay drier in wet weather. The Quick Wrap neck piece is made of nylon lycra and the under piece is made of waterproof fabric (rip-stop), attaching at the top of the back using hook and loop and elastic. The extra large is the same size around the neck as the large only longer. These work on females as well as males.

•XX-Large - St. Bernard  

•X-Large - Ridgeback  

•Large - Irish Setter  

•Medium - Springer  

•Small - Cocker Spaniel  

•X-Small -  King Charles  

•XX-Small - Papillon