Sleezy Pants™

Heat Pants That Fit!

Styling the new fabric

Styling the new fabric


Now your girl doesn’t have to wear those bulky and usually ill fitting heat pants, anymore. The Sleezy Pants are made out the same nylon lycra as the Sleezy.   The pattern © 2011 is so unique it attaches with hook and loop around the belly and comes up under between the legs and attaches at the top of the back. The stretch and give of the fabric is much more comfortable for your girl.  No more ripping the coat, especially on the tuck up.  It will still hold a sanitary napkin, but it also has a waterproof lining to minimize the leaks. The lining also helps if your girl happens to be one of those that likes to eat the sanitary napkin, as you do not have to use one (just get a dark color). This style doesn’t mess with the tail set as there is not an actual hole. If your girl doesn’t have a tail a Sleezy Pant is available to accommodate her, just order a No Hole (NH see picture below).  

Styling the new fabric

Styling the new fabric

Styling the new fabric



•XXL 30” - Mastiff  

•XL 27” - Great Dane  

•L 24” - Golden Retriever  

•M/L 21” - Cattle Dog

•M-M/L - Doberman

•M/L 21" NH - Bulldog  

•M 18” - Springer Spaniel  

•SM 2 15” - Cocker Spaniel   

•SM 2 15” NH - French Bulldog   

•SM 1 12” NH - Boston Terrier  

•SM 1 12” - King Charles 

•XS 9" - Pomeranian