Sleezy ™

No More Waves!


Now the Sleezy™ makes it easy to get rid of the back curl and or wave from any coat.  Made from nylon-lycra fabric these dog drying coats assist in smoothing the top-line by its sheer tightness. These show dog drying coats can also be used as a cool coat in the summer.  It goes on over the head and attaches under the belly and behind the back legs with hook and loop. No more pins!  There are many solid colors as well as printed fabrics to choose from. This is the original smoothing/drying coat (made by CJ Crafts for over 15 years).

No More Curls!

Standard Schnauzer

•XXX-Large - Great Dane 

•XX-Large - St. Bernard  

•X-Large - Ridgeback, Corso

•Large  - Irish Setter  

•Medium - Springer, Dachshund (M) 

•Small Long - Mini Dachshund 

•Small - Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund (F) 

•X-Small - King Charles  

•XX-Small - Papillon

Smooths Beautifully


Wow, what a difference!

The Sleezy Saved Me


Was running late for a show and didn't even have time to groom.  Whipped off the Sleezy and went right into the ring.  I couldn't believe how silky his coat was, and I didn't have to do a thing.