Testimonials 1

Sleezy Success


Hey I just wanted to share some before and after photos. They aren’t great and he’s not stacked as we were just around the house. Before - quick blow dry and left damp.

Before Sleezy


But wow, he looks great!  I didn’t have to spend an hour drying him straight and fighting the curl.

After Sleezy

After wearing the Sleezy

After wearing the Sleezy his coat has shine and it even feels softer!

Thanks, Alyssa Dorman

Best Pants Ever


BTW - wanted to say thanks!  These things are amazing!!!  Stephanie Simpson

My customers keep telling me.  They fit, don't come off and she likes to wear them.

I really love these Sleezies!!


I show Field Spaniels and it helps with getting the coat correct and lying nicely. The quality of the coat is great. The Sleezies are durable and easy to care for. I know you can use a pinned towel, but the results with these are much better and the dog tolerates it better.

Ilona E. Jurek  Kingsbury Run Kennels

Grooming Towels to the Rescue


I bought a bunch of the grooming bathrobes for my salon when I saw you in Tampa. I just wanted to send you a quick message and let you know we're in love with them! My bather didn't show up for work today, so almost everything had to go in the crates under a fan. The Golden and Standard Longhair Dachshund both came out with a beautiful flat coats, I only had to use the rake. The hand-stripped terrier's coat was also laying close and flat! What really impressed us was a Bichon came in with about a 1/2" of hair for a bath. I wrapped him in a bathrobe and had to let him sit for awhile until I could dry him. When I took the robe off, his hair wasn't only dry, but it didn't have that curly air dried look! We will definitely be ordering more....they really saved my butt today! Thank you, Sophia